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น้ำตกร้อน : Hot Stream PDF พิมพ์ อีเมล
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Hot Stream : น้ำตกร้อน

Hot Stream or Nam Tok Ron Klong Thom, a natural Jacuzzi hidden in the rain forest, is a 50 minute drive from Krabi Town to Klong Thom District along the Highway 4 on the way to Trang Province.

Admission Charges:

Thai Adult                    20      Baht

Thai Child                     5      Baht

Foreigner Adult             90      Baht

Foreigner Child              10      Baht

Motor Bike                    5      Baht

Car                              20      Baht

Natural Bathtub of Hot Stream

Hot Stream or called in Thai ‘Nam Tok Ron Klong Thom’ is a thermal stream enriched by natural minerals flowing along a natural channel in a shaded rainforest.  It is ideal for relaxing and soothing aching muscles by sitting in a smooth rock bathtub and enjoying non-stop flow of warm spring water at a pleasant 35°c-40°c massage the body. It is one of the highlights of the tour guiding route.  Most importantly, this is a natural creation and a must for visitors to experience in the middle of a jungle.

Hot Stream channel and concrete walkway

The hot water comes from thermal sources, originating deep underground in volcanic chambers. Rainfall seeps into the porous rock and is heated up to 250 C (Degrees Celsius). The pressure of the stream forces the water upwards and out through cracks in the earth. By the time it gets to the surface, the temperature has dropped to approximately 100 C through mixing with underground water.

The water flows along the channel for 1,000 meters to the hot waterfall site. Visitors can sit in the natural rock bathtubs much like taking a natural Jacuzzi for 20-30 minutes. The hot waterfall is not large, around 3 meters high, with three layers. The most special formations are the 5 natural rock bathtubs, 1-1.5 meters deep in each layer.

The hot water per liter contains 0.5 milligrams of sulfur, 1.09 milligrams of calcium carbonate, 0.0001 milligrams of copper and 0.00001 milligrams of lead. It is a perfect level to take a relaxing hot bath.

The hot water suddenly falls to delightfully cool water in a larger canal below. The two water pools of hot and cold in one site keep many visitors here for swopping two-temperature bathing.


However, hot water bathing lovers are warned not to soak in the hot stream bathtubs for over 20 minutes. Sweating in hot water can make the body to lose water. It may also cause headaches and dizziness.

“Everyone knows there is nothing like a hot bath to soothe aching muscles and relieve stressed minds. Imagine though that the bath water is not enriched by some artificial cleansing product, but with potent natural mineral salts. Imagine further that your bathroom is not closed and tiled, but in a deep green forest and that your bathtub is a hollow basin in the ancient smooth rock. Steam rises gently as you slip down into the warm water, sending ripples of sunlight along the calm surface. Or perhaps, you have chosen the ‘Jacuzzi’ basin, where fast flowing hot water swirls and pummels your body into relaxation. After soaking for twenty minutes, you take a cool shower and swim in the canal underneath the waterfall” (Seema Prabhu, 2006, p. 131).

Giant rattan vines climbing on big trees and lying on the ground and wild berries at the Hot Stream

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